120th Tactical Fighter Squadron

An elite fighter squadron under Maria Lenore’s direct command. They are typically assigned to conduct difficult and often highly dangerous operations which are considered too dangerous for regular Apellon-Asana pilots to handle.


White Raven

The mercenary commander of Apellon-Asana Inc.. A former ace pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Her soft-spoken demeanor and professional attitude are a stark contrast to her reputation as the single most hated mercenary on the planet.


A former Major in the US Air Force. Known by his moniker, the Crimson Wasp, he is considered to be one of the world's top fighter pilots. For some reason, he prefers to operate Russian aircraft.


A Kurdish girl from a neighbouring country to Asuaria with no formal military background. However, her combat experience and aptitude is on par with that of an elite and battle-hardened soldier. She was once an assassin known as the Zebra Dove.